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Dietra Phillips

Programs/Finance Coordinator

Dietra Phillips

Dietra Phillips serves as Programs and Finance Coordinator at SAM. In her dual role, she serves as Programs Coordinator, providing administrative support for multiple associations. As Finance Coordinator, a supportive role to the SAM Finance Director, Dietra manages the financial operations of multiple clients by collecting, interpreting, and reviewing financial information and ensuring all financial data is accurately reported.

Before SAM, Dietra worked at the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts for 7 years in various roles with nonprofit organizations. During that time working for the state, she determined her love of nonprofits and financial management was stronger, leading her to seek a role at SAM. 

Dietra attended Georgia Piedmont Technical College, completing her studies in early childhood education in 2015 with a minor in business administration.

Living out her passions, Dietra has served as operations officer for Standing in Faith since 2016. She has also served as communications manager and on the conference committee for Executive Women of Texas Government. 

A native of Louisiana, Dietra has lived in Austin since 2001.

Partners: Southwest Car Wash Association (SCWA), Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association (TWGGA)

Family: Husband Edwin, sons Brandon and Gary, daugter Ronika, and two fur babies Milo and Mocha

Outside of work, I love... spending time with my family, traveling, cooking, and gardening.   

My workplace superpower is... patience.

Assessments: Collaborator (Predictive Index), ESFJ (Myers Briggs) 

What inspires me about working with associations: It provides an opportunity to gain experience from others and the ability to implement those learnings to embrace new things. 

My unique skills or passions: My roles are greatly enhanced by my unique skills of staying focused and being highly detail oriented. The ability to maintain unwavering focus allows me to dedicate my full attention to the task at hand, ensuring that I remain engaged and productive. This focus enables me to navigate complex projects, manage priorities effectively, and meet deadlines with precision.

Favorite SAM core value: Build trust and seek clarity. They are core values that guide my approach to work. I firmly believe that trust is the foundation of strong relationships with colleagues and clients. Equally important, seeking clarity is ingrained in my work ethic. I proactively seek understanding by asking thoughtful questions, actively listening, and ensuring that I have a comprehensive grasp of expectations, goals, and requirements.