Our Values

The SAM staff team and culture is about passionate individuals who create meaningful experiences through engaging and creative service and by honoring a diversity of thought and experience. Our values are defined by the active way in which we work to achieve our core values. In everything we do, it's critical that we consider the ways in which:

At SAM, trust is foundational. Trust is forged through reliability and accountability—committing to our promises, maintaining consistency in follow-up, and ensuring follow-through. Our expertise is critical in building trust; we are knowledgeable, resourceful, and dedicated to finding answers and solutions. Effective communication, characterized by attentiveness and responsiveness, further reinforces this trust. We own our mistakes and seek opportunities to grow with professional vulnerability.

In our pursuit of excellence, clarity is key. We define roles, manage expectations, and actively seek understanding internally and with clients. We go beyond surface-level acceptance to deepen comprehension, discover new information, and broaden perspectives. Discernment guides us in navigating competing priorities, and we willingly deliver and receive feedback as we strive to excel in our work.

Maintaining a mindset of perpetual curiosity is ingrained in our culture. We approach our work, industry, partners, and each other with an inquisitive eagerness to learn. Asking insightful questions, exploring new ideas, and remaining open to acquiring knowledge define our proactive approach. Initiative and resourcefulness drive us to go two steps beyond, fostering a culture of active learning.

Empathy is a cornerstone of our interactions. Through empathy, we create connections and cultivate a shared community, fostering collaborative teamwork that leads to high levels of organizational citizenship. Putting ourselves in others' shoes, assuming positive intent, and adapting communication to be considerate of others' needs and experiences define our empathetic approach. Actively seeking to understand contributes to a supportive and inclusive environment.

Championing growth is integral and occurs at three levels—client, company, and individual. Our goal is to support transformation, enabling organizations and people to achieve more than they imagined. SAM is committed to growing in the right ways at the right times, encouraging both professional and personal development resulting from your work with us. Embracing challenges, demonstrating resilience, and adapting to setbacks and opportunities characterize our approach to growth in the uncomfortable grey areas. We celebrate achievements together in a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.