What Is an AMC?

An Association Management Company (AMC) handles day-to-day operations and provides professional management and services for associations and nonprofit companies. The services provided by an AMC might include executive leadership, board administration, financial services, membership development, event management, communications, and government relations. Hiring an AMC rather than separate, individual staff creates efficiencies in systems and personnel, reduces costs, and increases flexibility.

As an AMC, we have staff specialists with combined talents to address all association needs: operations, project management, accounting, data management, graphic design, lobbying, public relations, writing and editing, web design, organizational planning, and research.

Hiring an AMC to run your association is an increasingly popular choice, and in the United States, AMCs now manage budgets totaling more than $2 billion. The range of budgets for AMC-managed associations is anywhere from $50,000 to more than $16 million annually.

Why Use an AMC?

An AMC typically assigns executives and administrators to conduct the association's day-to-day operations. They may also provide centralized office space if needed. Professionals working for an AMC are given or subcontracted on an as-needed basis. You will get a manager to oversee your association's operations. You will also get an accountant and auditor to handle financial operations. You get a writer, graphic designer, and editor to produce your newsletter or annual report. You get an event planner to coordinate your annual meeting or trade show. You get a research team to help craft your goals and message. The AMC pays this team of staff specialists based only on the specific assignments at hand, so the cost is a fraction of what it would take to hire full-time staff and much more efficient than separately contracting with each professional. This team-oriented approach organized through a single AMC point-of-contact allows client services to be customized to meet your specific goals.